Sweep in Peace book review

If the cover of this book seems familiar, it might be because I already reviewed the first book in the series, Clean Sweep. You might want to check that out. This book, is the second in the series, and I should say, a whole lot has changed. If you've read my review of the first... Continue Reading →


Children of Eden book review

Well, well, well. This is surprising. A book by Joey Graceffa. Wow. This would definitely be more dramatic in a video, but okay. Joey Graceffa, who until recently I only knew as a YouTuber, wrote a book. And I have to say, it's definitely not what I expected. I mean, I went in with the... Continue Reading →

Children of Blood and Bone book review

“Kill her!” The first two guards charge at me, swords pointed and raised. They run with a vengeance. The last mistake they will ever make. Okay. First of all, wow. Like really, wow. The hype train rarely misses my friends. It rarely ever does. And this book has been everywhere this March. Everywhere. And gods... Continue Reading →

Clean Sweep book review

An innkeeper, a vampire and a werewolf. You don't see that combo everyday. In fact, I doubt a lot of books have that trio. But that means there's an actually blank canvas for Ilona Andrews to work with. But how did they do? Well, for one, the book delivered on most things. It had a... Continue Reading →

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