Book Review: Artemis

Pretty much everyone has seen The Martian. You know that Matt Damon movie where this dude is left on Mars and has to survive on his own, alone. Keep in mind that he's on another planet, couple hundred thousand kilometers away. And the atmosphere is a tad different from Earth's. So, The Martian. This book,... Continue Reading →


A New Dawn

Happy New Year!!! A new year is like anything else that's new. Fresh out the box and with that "new" smell. It might have even come with some bubble wrap for a few people. And now that all the yelling and screaming and fanciness is over, it's time to gear up, and run the 2017... Continue Reading →

Feliz Navidad!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Hello there! Did you miss me? Did you really? Are you sure? Real sure?? Alright, I believe you. I'm sure you know by now that it's Christmas practically everywhere in the world. And if you don't celebrate Christmas, well that's a bummer. A big one. Christmas or... Continue Reading →

Top 5: TV Series

It's Thursday. Let's do a top 5 shall we? These are my top five TV series that I'd watch any day, anytime. They are; 1. The Flash 2. Legends of Tomorrow 3. Supergirl 4. Arrow 5. The Vampire Diaries   1. The Flash: As the title suggests, this series is about "an ordinary forensic scientist"... Continue Reading →

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