Book Review: Firebrand

Okay, I thoroughly expect at least one of you guys to be extremely hyped about this. We have a book review!! Granted, this isn’t a regular book review, but it’s something.

If you haven’t taken a look at the cover yet, please do so. I’ll give you time. 5… 4… Have you done it? Just a quick glance. Done it? Okay.

You might have noticed that the author of this book has a familiar name. I wouldn’t blame you if you’re processing in the back of your mind who this author is. If you don’t know him yet, I think you might enjoy some of his stuff. Okay. Anyways, here’s something about him. See that sidebar on the right side (for PCs) or bottom part (for phones) of the site? I reckon you’ll find something about the author there.

That’s right!

I wrote a book!

Okay, this post already has enough “okay”s. But I wrote a book!!!

So a couple of weeks back, I saw this post about this competition for tertiary students involved in writing to create a story between 3,000 and 5,000 words. Being the person that I am, I didn’t start writing until really late – I submitted 3 minutes before the deadline – although it wasn’t by choice.

Now, I’m guessing you’re wondering how this book will be reviewed. Here’s the thing. I’m not gonna review this because I could get a tiny bit biased towards the author 😅. So, you guys – yes, you – will be the ones reviewing this book, for two reasons:

  1. I genuinely want to know what you guys think of my writing. It took a lot for me to create and submit that story, and while most people might just find the book, read it, and forget about it, I want to hear from you guys who have read my prompts and book reviews and Notably episodes.
  2. I also want to know how to write better. I do not admit to being an already awesome writer – even though that would be great. I’m still learning. Heck, this is only just my first published work. But the fact that I have something out there right now, means I can move forward from that. And write better from the experience that this brings.

Alright. So, how can you get this book?

The book, Firebrand – OMG, that’s my title! 😇 – is hosted on since it was written for a challenge. You can find the book here.

I would really love it if you guys left an honest comment either here or on the Okadabooks site about what you liked, disliked, and think could be better in the book. Remember, it’s a short story, so I tried to keep myself as close to 5000 words as possible, and it’s my first time with ePubs, so forgive the abrupt ending.

Something else worth mentioning, is that the book is entirely and absolutely free! Although this was one of the rules for entering the challenge, I still think the book would have been free either way.

Once the challenge is over, I’ll start working on another book. This other book may be a complete “non-5000-words-long” version of Firebrand, or might be a different version entirely. Let me know which one you guys would want to see in the comments section here.

Asides that though, this is my late New Month post 😅 – and that’s my most used emoji for some reason. I would really love to hear from you guys what you think about the book. So any thoughts, reviews, additions, subtractions, all of that stuff. I want to become a better writer. And you guys – more than any one else right now – can help me achieve that.

Technically, I did not mean for this post to be especially long. At 623 words, it’s actually quite short, but you guys know me and words. This post doesn’t actually read like a normal review, but then again, it really isn’t.

Also, there’s been quite the shift with my social media. I’m now mostly active on Twitter – which is saying something. And my Instagram account – which used to be @SeunTheWriter – is now @SeunIsRoyalty. The reason for the change is because managing one Instagram account along with Twitter and everything I’m doing has become a hassle. Managing two, is baggage I’m not quite ready to carry right now.

Also, I’m planning an article around the #100DaysOfCode challenge I’m participating in. There might not be enough time for the challenge to end this year – which would be bonkers – but the fact that I put my time and effort into something this “challenging” is already a win for me. The article will be posted on my Medium account which you should definitely check out, there are some interesting articles there already. Please note that I’m a tad biased towards myself.

If there are any misspellings or typos in this post, do forgive me. I was trying to write this as fast as possible so I could get some sleep before morning. Another thing – so many other things in this post. Don’t forget to share the book with your friends/family/people you know who read/people you don’t know who read/people who read in general. I want input from everyone who reads the book. Knowing what can be better about my book – OMG 😭 – will definitely help me in writing better blog posts, and ultimately, better books.

So, for the first final paragraph; I look forward to hearing your thoughts on my book. Any and all reviews will be received with utmost reverence. Also, follow my Twitter for somewhat daily updates on my life. I rarely post, but if I’m thinking about something, it goes there. Don’t forget to follow the Medium and Instagram accounts too.

And finally, because why stop at one final paragraph. I appreciate every one of you who takes the time to read my blog posts. I wonder whose voice you hear when you read these posts 🤔. But sincerely, thank you. I wouldn’t have thought of writing a book without you. And since we made it to 1003 words, we might as well end with the old faithful: As always, have fun reading!


P.S., Do forgive my use of ” – text – ” to highlight my thoughts. I’m a weird bunch.


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