Notably, Ep 05


Sometimes I wonder how many distinct #Notably posts I’ll have to write before we run out of introductions. I think maybe at the end we’ll come up with new introductions in the comments section. Until then.

Hey guys. It’s been a while. I know. This post has literally been a long time coming. And yes, I know, it’s starting to seem like a pattern. I don’t want it to. I would love to write as much as I could for you guys (and also for myself truth be told) or even read some more. But school just resumed and (…excuses).

The Geek Stuff

I recently started the #100DaysOfCode challenge. My twitter feed was somewhat blown up with the stuff and after checking it out and finding out that there were about 120 days left in the year, I decided to just do it. I usually post daily updates on Twitter so you can follow me there if you want (you can also follow me there if you don’t 😏).

At the moment, I’m only a couple of days away from a Responsive Web Design (HTML & CSS) certification. Feels awesome, though I feel like my CSS could definitely use some work. Although, to be entirely honest, my interest is actually in JavaScript, and not in Front-End Web Design, but the certification would be very useful in the future.

I’ll probably start the JavaScript tutorials and challenges immediately. Though where I go from there is entirely up in the air right now.

The Writer Stuff

The writer stuff needs a revival. Really. Like honestly, I need, need, to find my reading rhythm. I tried reading Nnedi Okorafor’s Akata Witch to get into the mood of reading and writing Nigerian(-based) novels. But for some reason, reading has become a chore. I mean, I can consciously decide to read the book, but I rarely have moments where I’m trying to get one more chapter in because sleep doesn’t want to let me go. Now it’s basically me reading to pass the time.

Which is why I haven’t written any reviews. I can’t write a review for a book I haven’t read, or didn’t feel during the reading. Now don’t get me wrong, Nnedi is of course an amazing author. I mean, her Binti books still awe me to this day. But I’m just not feeling it. At least not yet.

I think it might be time to bring in the big dogs. Maybe it’s time to read Oathbringer. That’s the only book that I can think of now that’ll relieve me of my slumping. Maybe it will rekindle the reading fire in my bones. I actually miss the days when I’d go to bed by 4 in the morning because I was getting close to an important part in a novel, and even logic would fail to compel me to sleep.

The Good(ish) Stuff

Okay, enough of the not-so-cheery news. Lately I’ve been getting into competitions. I actually entered into one with a couple of other buds and we had to shoot a video for it. Editing the video has to be the funniest part of making any video. And maybe the most frustrating too. One scene in particular literally had me grinning because it was so homey and I just couldn’t not. And I think recording has some points for frustrating too, because your talent just might not see the vision that you do. Or they could be 10 and entitled. Anyways, it was an amazing experience, and we’re awaiting the results.

In other news, I’m currently in a Deep Tech group on campus that’s working on some amazing things. JavaScript currently isn’t among the major relevant tools for the job so I’m leveraging my prior Python knowledge for the job. It’s quite interesting though, and I’ll probably share some of our stuff on Twitter (if I’m allowed to).

Also, I’m actually proud of the amount of spiritual growth I’ve gotten through lately. It’s amazing. Studying the Word, and praying with the brethren (yes, I know) has been very inspirational. And more than inspirational, it’s been good for me. I’ve been having fun edifying myself. But that’s a story for another day.


If I could just get myself to remember when to not use VSCode shortcuts, it’d be awesome. Also, I’m terribly sorry that this post is coming this late. This blog is my safe sane place and I haven’t been here in a while, but I’ve been fine. And quite busy. I’m actually thinking of writing an article on the #100DaysOfCode challenges and everything else I’ve been going through recently, but I don’t know whether it’ll be on here or on Medium.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I know the notifications in your mailbox from Seun The Writer have become quite few and far between, but it’s a work in progress. And at 814 words, being able to write for and to you guys again is honestly a privilege. Thank you. I love you all.

P.S., Writing prompt on the 25th…


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