Notably, Ep 04


It has been quite a while my friends. August came (and is practically gone) with a total of 0 book reviews, although we did get one prompt in. I’m terribly sorry guys. Much as I tried, there was no way past the exams barrier. But now that that’s over with, we can focus on a couple other different things. Besides, I’ve got a lot to tell you guys.

The Geek Stuff

Firstly, during the month of August, I had the selfsame exams that I’ve been yapping on about. But that ends now, because those exams are over (Hurray)! Aand, now it’s time to work. Okay, not work like work work, but a lot less not work. I don’t know if that makes sense. Anyways, I might have told you guys before that I’m a sophomore studying Computer Science in college. If I hadn’t, well now you know.

And up until a couple of months ago, I didn’t know what I wanted to focus on. You know, when most people are in college, they know why they’re there, and where they want to end up in about five years, and all that stuff. Me, I was just tagging along. Attending classes, writing tests, reading books, basically doing everything that I needed to stay in the stream of students, but nothing to stand out. Because I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

And then during the currently concluded semester, we had a couple of programming courses that were actually interesting. We had Python (which we already did as Freshmen), but also Java and JavaScript. We also had HTML and CSS, but *whispers conspiratorially* those aren’t programming languages.

So I already had knowledge of python and didn’t bother much with it – that isn’t to say that I didn’t care about it. I just didn’t stress myself too much because I already knew the basics.

And then the Java was just too in my face for me to care. I think it might have been the lecturer. Or it might have been me. The thing is, it just didn’t click.

But JavaScript. Oh, JavaScript. It might have been because my mentor – who’s a Senior (in college, not an old man, nothing wrong with being an old man but still) and about to graduate – is well versed in JavaScript and I’ve often walked in on him creating stunning websites. And also because our lecturer happened to be someone who’s really not into the ‘hammer-the-course-until-they-get-it’ thing, it was quite an easy flow. I’ve looked at multiple JavaScript codes, seen them in action, and I have decided to become a Front End Web Developer.

Now, don’t go jumping in the comments to hand me your projects just yet 🙃 as I’m still quite in the learning stage of the language. But I’m taking some online courses, apart from what I’m learning offline. So expect some cool stuff to come very soon. Who knows, maybe I’ll just redesign the blog!

The Writer Stuff

Things on the writer end were pretty uneventful during August. It’s sad, but that’s just what happened. Wow, that changed the mood in the post quite quickly. It’s not that I didn’t want to read any books, I just didn’t want to fail – too much 🤭. I mean, I was practically reading The Heroes of Olympus and the Kane Chronicles all through my last exams, and I did pretty well, considering the names of the gods didn’t come out in any of the papers.

Anyways, I pretty much haven’t done any ‘vital’ reading since Edgedancer. Though I did try to start Truthwitch recently and it seemed to be moving just a bit slow for me. Now, it’s most likely the fact that I kinda disconnected from my reading self during the long month of August. But I have no doubt that Truthwitch is an awesome book. I just haven’t gotten back into the zone yet.

I thoroughly hope that this isn’t one of those switches in perspective where I (completely) stop being a writer and start being a developer. If that happens, I might need you guys’ help to knock some sense into me. Neither of these professions is bad. In fact, you would be awesome to choose any of them. But I’m one of those people who like to eat their cake and have it, by dividing the cake into two. I want to be both a developer and a writer. And if I know anything, it’s that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”, Philippians 4: 13 (NKJV).

Yup. That’s a quote from the Bible. You’re welcome. Anyways, in hopes of reawakening my reading spark, I have decided to reread A Court Of Wings And Ruin. The fourth book in the series, ACOFAS (A Court Of Frost And Starlight) was released earlier this year, and I didn’t get a chance to read it. I started it, but I could barely remember the characters and their powers. I was literally shocked when Rhysand lit up a fireplace.

Also, if you guys have any ‘known-to-work’ ways of getting out of a reading rut (which I hope to God this isn’t), please leave them in the comments below. I think I just need to remember how good it feels to stay up all night because you’re getting close to the actions and plot twists and you can feel it in your gut.

I have half a mind to read Oathbringer first though. Seeing as the last book I read was Edgedancer (book 2.5 in the Stormlight Archive), it’s quite promising. I miss Kaladin, and Shallan, and gods, what’s in store for Adolin?

MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: Seeing as he did kill Sadeas in Urithiru – lord help me if I got this wrong. There’s also Danlinar, who’s now bonded with the Stormfather. And there’s all that happened in Edgedancer. And a lot’s really happening in these books. Maybe that’s what I’ll read first.

What next?

Okay forgive me, but ‘What next?’ is kind of a generic / staple question that’s at the end of most programming videos or blogs or whatever. Buuut, I think it works here. It might not.

Firstly, on the geek side, there’s learning. Lots and lots of learning. Classes start back on Monday and I just, I just kent 😭. But I’ll try. I’ll try to pay attention and learn. But mind you, I’mma be reading during that time. I have quite a lot of books that I still need to read before the year runs out. My Goodreads account is currently brimming with 34 books out of a 100 read this year. Now, I have read more, but I didn’t start adding them until recently, and a handful of them didn’t leave footprints large enough for me to remember to add them to my ‘read’ list. And I realise that I slowly swayed this paragraph from geek to writer, but isn’t that an attractive quality?

I’m also trying to make my life easier by figuring out a way to merge both of my cakes. If you know any good word play/con of those two fields, drop them in the comments. Since I have one Instagram account for my geeky side and another for my writer side, I’m thinking of merging both accounts so it’s easier to post stuff and keep track of all of you guys. Anyways, since we’re at 1224 words (in case you’re new here, 1224 was the 1224th word), I’ll go ahead and end this post. It’s quite lengthy, as I had a lot to say to you guys, and there might still be more to say, but that’s why there are other posts 🙃.

Thank you so much for sticking with me throughout my unconventional hiatus. It’s great to be back. And it’s a great day to be alive, not because of anything apart from the fact that you’re alive. And if someone’s reading this from heaven – which means there’s WiFi up there – go ahead and drop a heavenly like. You too earth-people.

You’re amazing because of what’s inside you. And what’s inside you is fundamentally dynamic. You can be amazing today, and be even more amazing tomorrow. Remember, that the best way to prepare for tomorrow is to create it today, and that you CAN.

I switched into geekspirational there, but okay. 1378. Alright. I’ll see – write, code – you guys soon. Have a wonderful rest of your week, and as always, have fun reading!

P.S., if you haven’t started cheering “have fun reading” in your mind when you get to “as always”, then ……………………………. As always, HAVE FUN READING!!!


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