Notably, Ep 02


Okay, no, I don’t even know who says that. Do people still say that? Do they still say “Howdy?” If you do, or know anyone that does, then howdy!

By my calculations, it has been almost two months since the first #Notably episode. That’s quite a while. I know, I know, these are supposed to be consistent. And they will be. Soon as I get the hang of all that’s happening. That though, might take a while.

What shouldn’t take a while though, is my recollection of events since then. Since the first #Notably episode, I have published four book reviews. So an average of one book every two weeks. Not too bad, right? I mean, considering.

I had the review for Artemis already, but was just being lazy. The rest were written after Ep 01. The Way of Kings, for which I published a review after Artemis, is an amazing book. I mean, Brandon is an amazing author. He is actual author goals. (This isn’t the part where you judge me for not knowing the more amazing authors you would pick over Brandon in a flash. I repeat, not the part).

It took a while for me to finish that book, I mean, it literally had about 1000 pages. Considering most other books I read have less than half that number, it was a process. One that I am currently repeating. Yes, yes, I’m reading the second book in the series. Now, I know that kinda translates to an invariably longer time for a review, but now that I’m comfortable with Brandon’s writing, I figure it shouldn’t take so long. Shouldn’t.

Apart from books, there’s a lot that has been going on in my life lately. As regards school, I’m delving further and further into programming, and I’m now in the depths that require intense focus. At least I think. I reckon there’s still a long way to go, but I’m pretty sure leisure time’s run out.

Also, my year had this presentation for Abstract Algebra along with other students taking the course. My department (Computer Science, whoo!!) demoed an encryption solution using some algorithms that I may or may not be allowed to discuss on here. There were many interesting demos, I have to say. A group brought an AI solution, another brought a way to reduce traffic by applying some operations to matrices. It was absolutely brilliant.

Before you ask, yes, I participated. I was the project manager for my department. (Adds star to CV). Anyways, there was that. There was also some Call of Duty that happened in the surrounding weeks. I think I’m getting better. Even though I was having problems aiming because my index finger just wasn’t feeling it. Maybe a couple more hours and I’ll be good. I hope. I’m tired of facing my friends and being the one to respawn.

Since Ep 01 of #Notably, I have read (completed) three books, all of which you can find their reviews on the blog. There might be a waiting time before the next review is published.

Speaking of which, a friend and classmate of mine volunteered to help with book reviews. He reads as much (probably more) as I do, and has a knack for the same genre as I do. He probably has a couple of reviews waiting to be published, so you should find some of them on the blog pretty soon. As soon as he can get a WordPress account. Really though Christopher.

580 words. At this point, you’re starting to seem like someone who’s really into books and blogs and reviews. It’s what I like about you. Really though, thank you for taking the time to read this, even if it’s not a review. I kinda want this to be more than just me posting my thoughts on books in a somewhat consistent manner. I do feel like this episode was way more positive than the previous. I guess that’s a plus. I’m also considering taking my reading (and writing) skills to the next level by writing a couple of stories on here. That should be fun. I don’t know whether or not you should expect every #Notably episode to be over 700 words. Words was the 700th word. Wonderful.

The next reviews up should be Christopher’s, along with some short, most likely incomplete stories that aren’t reviews, and hopefully, hopefully, the review for Words of Radiance soon. Write you soon? Read you soon? Blog you soon? I think I need help with these endings. Either way, thank you for reading, and adios!


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