Book Review: Artemis

Pretty much everyone has seen The Martian. You know that Matt Damon movie where this dude is left on Mars and has to survive on his own, alone. Keep in mind that he’s on another planet, couple hundred thousand kilometers away. And the atmosphere is a tad different from Earth’s. So, The Martian.
This book, Artemis, was written by the same man who wrote The Martian. And of course it’s a space opera that happens on the moon.
‎Artemis is the first lunar city. And Jasmine is one of those who happened to grow up in this lunar city, although she was born on Earth. She works as a porter (basically a one-man delivery service) in Artemis. Trond, one of her major customers whom she smuggles products in for lets her in on an idea that would take someone of exceptional skill – one of her attributes that the book never failed to nail home – to pull off. And well of course she does, but then there’s a complication. And that complication leads to so much more that risks even the lives of everyone on Artemis. Even with the lunar city’s somewhat commendable safety measures. But what does it cost in the end? And how much will she risk to hold up her end of the deal?
‎Artemis I think, is a good book. A really good book in fact, if you can get with all the scientific terms and happenings. The city does a great deal of smelting, and all of that is explained to great detail. So much so that I often found myself skipping paragraphs that seemed heavy on the subject. Don’t get me wrong, the processes and products explained in the book seem really well rounded and correct. And the science-y even has roots in the storyline. But I am a fantasyhead at heart. There was just too much sci for my fi.
‎If however, you’re in love with all things science and a whole lot of chemistry – you’re on the moon, what did you expect? – then you’d be right at home with this book. The story isn’t laggy, neither is there a heavy block of needless material taking center stage. Overall a pretty good read.
‎If you’re a fantasyhead like me, you might wanna really really want it before picking it up. As I said earlier, it was a bit more science than I cared about. But I still enjoyed it nonetheless.
‎Have you read this book? Let me know your thoughts about it in the comments section. I’d love to know your thoughts. Maybe there’s something you think I missed. Also, don’t forget to leave a like. You can also subscribe to make sure you don’t miss new posts, the link is at the bottom of the page. Until next time, have fun reading!


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