Book Review: Glass Sword

Glass Sword, the second book in the Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard is one hell of a ride from start to finish. It is evidently quite the rollercoaster, considering the sequence of events.

First off, if you haven’t read my review of Red Queen, the first book in the series, you can find it here. Some of the thoughts expressed there are resounded here. Even still, a number of things have changed.

In this second book, Mare Barrow and Tiberius Calore are on the run from the vindictive king Maven. Their only refuge now is the even stranger Scarlet Guard and it’s connections. Mare and Cal along with Farley, Kilorn and Shade begin the search for the newbloods in Julian’s list. But Mare isn’t the same anymore. Everything that she has been through changes her, and that change is indeed costly.

As I said in the opening paragraph, this book is a rollercoaster. At some points I could cheer for their little victories. And at others, my heart was particularly heavy. Especially in the concluding chapters with all that happened to Mare and those around her. I actually felt pity for the person she had to become to survive and to save others.

It is evidently well written, as characters and events and places were clear and detailed. There were hardly any parts that I had to go back and read. Save for paragraphs where I literally couldn’t believe what had just happened. Those claimed a couple rereads.

The book does well to show Maven’s evil side and what he can do now as king. He puts a lot of that power to use, stopping Mare and her team in somewhat gruesome ways. But of course, that causes Mare to adapt and it starts to look like a game of chess until the board tips.

There are quite a lot of new characters in this part of the series, but they are all well managed. So much so that none feels misplaced or unnecessary. They all kinda fit snugly until it’s their time to shine. Unlike in the Grisha trilogy, that is not a pun.

Notably, this book doesn’t skip on most of what the first book was known for. There’s magic – in the form of abilities – and emotion, suspense, and really a lot of unpredictability. Or maybe I was too turn-happy to notice the last one. Either way, this book brings a lot to the table. And doesn’t really disappoint.

Overall, it was an intriguing read albeit fantastical, and one I wouldn’t have trouble recommending. Fair warning, that ending is jarring. But what would it be if not?

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