Red Queen book review

Okay, so this is one of those books that I have no idea how it ends up in my library, but turns out to be quite a gem when read. I haven’t read any other book by this author, so I was pretty much going in blind. And that is always a blessing.

The story follows Mare Barrow who lives in a kingdom where people are segregated by the colour of their blood; red and silver. The Reds have red blood and are seemingly ordinary, and the Silvers are the silver blooded *gasp* superhuman elite with special abilities. Mare is a Red so she lives among Reds in a poor rural village, until a series of events leads her to work in the Silver court, until her once-latent magical powers are revealed.

Faced with an impossible situation, the King has her play the role of a lost Silver, Lady Titanos and betrothes her to one of his sons. But Mare plans to use this location to her advantage, and settle the divide between Silvers and Reds. A plan that will definitely get her in trouble with the queen, and will risk her life and the lives of many others.

As I said earlier, being my first – and the first I might add – Aveyard novel, I went in blind. And I have to say, the book didn’t plummet. Notably, the plot already was intriguing. It was quite reminiscent of the Grisha trilogy I read last year, with those literally in power ruling those without.

If you have read the Grisha trilogy, a whole lot will seem familiar. The power divide, the seemingly normal Mare, her best friend from the same streets, and even some of the abilities to be had. But as I always say – to myself mostly – give two authors the same plot and characters, and you end up with two completely different stories.

With the plot in mind though, it was easy to follow the story and understand what was happening. That said, moments of awe were quite plentiful, as every time I thought I knew what would happen, something else did. And as much as that is personal, I do not doubt that at least a few of those moments will be experienced by many. Especially that point where I really wasn’t about to give you a spoiler but I tried. Yup.

The characters were actually quite substantial in their own ways, the story benefited from everyone being in their place. The scenes were carefully thought-out, and many of the magic tricks were beautifully described.

Mare Barrow is a really daring character and I like her for that. Though I think such would be expected from someone who finds herself in the same walls and courts she grew up hating. Having her brothers sent to the same war that reduced her father leaves her and her younger sister, Gisa to fend for the family. Except when Mare tries to fund her escape from conscription, she causes more trouble. Overall, she’s an easy character to love because of how far she’s willing to go.

Other characters also help knit this story tightly. The almost ever snarling Queen Elara whose hatred for Mare is always on display, the seemingly perfect Evangeline who’s bethroted to the king’s other son, of course the King Tiberias Calore the sixth, and finally his two sons Tiberias Calore the seventh and Maven. That much should already show how one son has been primed since birth and the other forced into his shadow. But that’s where the fun begins.

There are a lot of things I like about this book. Being a fantasy-head and a warlock in hiding, the magic practically called to me. The “abilities” as they’re called are intriguing as they are diverse. The teleporting thing had me cheesing from ear to ear. Seemingly sci-fi powers have those effects. There’s no shortage of “gah” moments even in the fights and challenges, and that kept me on edge.

One thing I didn’t like though is that it was sometimes hard to follow events. Scene changes for example are usually marked in some way in practically every other book I’ve read. This one though seemed to forsake those markings, at least in my digital copy. I often found myself rereading paragraphs to see if I missed something. Only to find out that the scene had changed, and usually not subtlely.

Asides that, it was a really good book, one that had me on a very very organized search through my library for book two. I really cannot wait to find out more about what happens. And Aveyard deserves praise for what was accomplished in this book. I definitely enjoyed it.

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Just kidding.

First off, I’m terribly sorry for the late upload. Some things are going on that will probably be stories for another day.

Secondly, Happy New Month! I hope you guys are getting closer and closer to all the unachieved goals you set for this year. If you aren’t, there’s still a lot of time to do that. And if you didn’t set any goals at all, the perfect time was December 31st 2018, but now is the next best time!

Writing for you guys is a part of one of my goals, though some changes still need to be made for me to fully check the box. I have other goals too *stifles a duh* and I plan to tell you more about them soon.

Anyways, I do hope that you guys are having fun doing things you love. Seriously, if you aren’t, start now. Any comments you leave will be well appreciated and responded to. Thank you for visiting the blog today.

As always, have fun reading!


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