One Fell Sweep book review

The third book in the series; Innkeeper Chronicles is titled One Fell Sweep, and it is quite strange. Now I say quite strange because there’s really a lot going on in the book. Most of which is absolutely intriguing.

Fans of the series have their favorite characters to reconnect with and a couple new ones to love. Also, the emotions that have accompanied the first to books in the series return.

The book starts out with our innkeeper, Dina receiving word – by way of the loudest express possible – that her sister is in need of help. Soon after that, a foreign creature enlists her help to host the Archivarius, a multi-part being with a hive mind possessing an incredible wealth of information about the universe. Dina is inclined to refuse, but that quickly changes when the foreign creature – a Hiru – promises her the opportunity to ask her question, the one she’s wanted the answer to since we’ve known her.

Of course, it wouldn’t be part of the Innkeeper Chronicles if Dina didn’t have an impossible, rare as stars in broad daylight host. The plot has worked in previous books, and works here again. But this time, the story is about the characters we already know. Mostly. Returning still are Arland, Sean, Caldenia and Orro. But the newer additions; Dina’s sister, Maud and her daughter Helen claim the novelty.

Dina and Sean are still in this undefined emotional phase which is quite free of complications. And Dina’s relationship with Arland takes a weird turn as he reveals an interest in Maud. Officer Marais also returns with more questions and this time gains an inescapable edge. It really is an interesting time for the characters.

Nobody would take him from me.
No. Not today. Not ever.
Not in my inn.

As Andrews is no rookie to writing, the story lacks little. The characters are well defined with distinctive words and actions, but descriptions still seem a bit oversaturated and overwhelming in my opinion. The book does also benefit from comprehensive storytelling, as the information bears this much appreciated steady flow.

I still feel like the authors are dragging a bit too long. This third book is the only time we learn anything concerning Dina’s parents, and even that is but a clue. Her Grace, Caldenia ka ret Magren remains grossly underutilized. There is quite a lot of potential for this character, and like previous books, she has been confined to words and bargains when she could be a big gun.

It is worthy to note though, that this is not one standalone book, it is a series. And as such, the author probably has several plans on how everything plays out, and how characters get their five pages of fame. I do not know what the authors have planned for Caldenia, but as I said in my review of the previous book, I would gladly devour a chapter or two of her exploits and battle prowess.

What most look for in a book – drama, suspense, romance, thrills and mysteries – exist in this one. I honestly believe that once you get past the descriptions which truth be told, you might not mind, you can really enjoy it. It has everything from fast paced action scenes to heartfelt discussions by a fire. And the twist at the end – albeit minor – required a double take. A really good book all in all.

Thank you so much for reading my review of One Fell Sweep by Ilona Andrews. You can get the book here. Let me know if you enjoyed this review with a like or a comment, and make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss new posts. Follow me on social media to keep up with my daily activities, and as always, have fun reading!


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