Hello, Again

Alright, alright, alright. I know. Yes, I’m awesome. That might not exactly be what you had in mind, but that doesn’t change the truth of it. I’m still awesome by the way, in case you were wondering.

Okay. You probably want to know why I’m saying “Hello, again”. That’s not bad, it’s a very noble cause I should say. So I’ll tell you. Right now. Like, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight now. Okay.

Deep breaths. Hi. You probably already know me. Probably. If you don’t, sorry to burst your bubble but you haven’t been living under a rock – not that I know of. I’m Seun, welcome to my blog. There’s the About page for what usually comes after that sentence, so….

Anyway, I took an unannounced leave of absence from the blog last year because well, uhm… I… Okay. Here’s the thing. I got admitted into college and was just figuring out what I wanted to do, and everything else that comes with getting admitted into college. Because of the bulk of the load that fell on me, I had to drop a lot of stuff. A whole lot. Blogging happened to be one of the things that took the largest hits – forsakenness.

But, about six weeks into the second semester, I had an existential crisis. Yes people. It happened. At least I think what happened can be classified as an existential crisis, else I have no idea what the hell happened to me. Anyways, I started struggling with my identity – which I think is what happens in an existential crisis, but hear me out. I was lost between who I was, who I wanted to be, and who it looked like I was becoming. I’m studying computer science in college, but all of a sudden I found this knack for writing and I’d like to think I’m pretty good at it. I didn’t know whether to choose computer science – which on one hand had been the most interesting topic in my entire life for all eternity – or creative writing which lets me be limitless. I don’t know if you know the feeling.

And deep down, I think I knew as we all know that whatever frees you should be given more attention than the things that bind you. And in a way, computer science bound me. I’m not saying computer science is bad or terrible or any of those other synonyms, but I just don’t think it’s “the one.”

Therefore, I picked up my mantle and decided that I would write. I would write to free myself. I would write to escape. I would write even for the fun of it because who doesn’t want to create his own world and live in it and have weird characters that also like your world and then there’s a conspiracy and a chain of events and… #sighs dramatically# It’s just so me.

So, in case it’s not already clear, I’m writing. I’m writing! I’m writing!!!

I’m gonna write as much as I can on here. I have some write-ups already in my notes, screaming and yelling for the chance to see screenlight. And I believe that you’ll enjoy them. I have poems and shorts and t-shirts and …

Forgive me, I might be a little more excited than you think. But also, I’m gonna be writing reviews of books that I read. So if I read a book and find it let’s go with ‘interesting’, I’ll let you guys know my thoughts. And speaking of thoughts, they will be here too.

This, being my escape, is the endless pit (I didn’t want to use void ahem) where I’ll pour everything to. Click the bookmark link somewhere on this page or memorize the URL – if you can – so you don’t miss a thing.

Also, I’d like to know your thoughts on pretty much everything, so leave a comment down below and you might wanna hit that like button too you know. Maybe it would make someone happy. Maybe. It probably will. It will, click it.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you – well technically, you’ll read me – later.


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