X-Men aren’t the next step in evolution, and this is why.

I think Disney (Marvel) have coerced the way we see most things. Come to think of it, the average person has watched more than a handful of Disney movies/series and that's more than enough, seeing as subliminal advertising only needs five seconds to make us susceptible, but more on that in a later post. Today,... Continue Reading →



Since it's "only" been sixteen days since my last post (quite a while I must add), I'd like to explain why I'm - for lack of a better word - struggling. This blog is my way to reach out and express my thoughts to other people and that's the thing. My thoughts aren't unidirectional. I... Continue Reading →

A New Dawn

Happy New Year!!! A new year is like anything else that's new. Fresh out the box and with that "new" smell. It might have even come with some bubble wrap for a few people. And now that all the yelling and screaming and fanciness is over, it's time to gear up, and run the 2017... Continue Reading →

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