Top 5: TV Series

It’s Thursday. Let’s do a top 5 shall we?

These are my top five TV series that I’d watch any day, anytime. They are;

1. The Flash

2. Legends of Tomorrow

3. Supergirl

4. Arrow

5. The Vampire Diaries


1. The Flash: As the title suggests, this series is about “an ordinary forensic scientist” who was struck by lightning and woke up with the gift of moving at incredible speeds. There’s a bit of sci-fi and fantasy in there and a crap ton of references to other shows. Definitely a must-watch.


2. Legends of Tomorrow: What do you call people who are greater than heroes? Well, I don’t actually know, but legends is pretty close. This show is about a group of misfits who suddenly possess a ship that can travel through time and an artificial intelligence that seems to know all. They travel through time to “fix” the aberrations that they’ve created and it’s pretty time consuming (Haha)


3. Supergirl: You’ve probably (I mean I’m pretty sure you have) heard about the man of steel. You know, the guy who flies, runs, catches bullets, freezes with his breath, burns with his eyes … Blah blah blah. Okay. This is the story of his cousin who was supposed to be here to take care of him, but apparently landed a couple years late. And of course, with great power, comes somebody who’s a reporter by day and a superhero also sometimes by day.


4. Arrow: Ah, yes. The prodigal son returns home, but this time, not to eat from his dad’s livestock or to have a beautiful bountiful feast. This time, he returns home to “atone” for his father’s sins and save his city. By day his city’s mayor and by night his city’s defender. I don’t think The CW realises that we’re a bit tired of this plot, but it’s okay, at least we learn about how this billionaire playboy becomes someone else. And how he becomes “something else”


5. The Vampire Diaries: Obviously, this is a weird one. I mean, there’s no superspeed or super anything. And the latest piece of technological advancement in this is actually the smartphone. That said though, it’s a pretty interesting “story” about bloodsucking monsters who are over 150 years old and how they cope with the things they’ve come to accept as normal.

Anyway, that’s all for my top 5 TV series. If you like what I do, be sure to leave a like. Let me know in the comments if there’s a series you think deserves to be on this list (This is more like a CW shows list). Subscribe if you’re new, and ciao!


3 thoughts on “Top 5: TV Series

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  1. Pretty awesome TV series on your Top Five. How to get away with murder though…I think it deserves a spot; as do Grey’s anatomy and suits and supernatural. You should check ’em out!…Ciao!!


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