Who’s Better?

Thought I’d express my thoughts on this one, since it’s pretty freaking common and makes not a lot of sense. You’ve probably at one point or the other in your life said or heard someone say that one person or thing is better than another. Let’s analyse that simple-ish statement. Shall we?

First off, when talking about inanimate or non-living things which have neither feelings nor a sense of humour, it’s probably okay to say that one thing is better than the other, but even then, how is that proven. A lot of things in this world, feelings in particular are relative. But more on that in a later post. Take for example, you may prefer short-sleeved shirts to long-sleeved ones, or cars to SUVs and even a more common example, your favourite colour isn’t everyone else’s. A group of people might not like, want or need a particular thing, but that doesn’t render that thing completely obsolete.

When it comes to people, it’s a totally different story. People have thoughts and feelings, self-esteem and everything that comes in between. And the thing about self-esteem is that it is usually very fragile. Usually. If you say you’re better than someone, what do you really mean? Do you mean that you can perform better than said person in an activity? Or that the person is worthless? Funny thing is, what you intend to mean might not be what the listener grasps from the statement. Some might see it as a challenge for them to work more on themselves, while others see it as something else. They might see it as the end of the world. I’ve seen a handful of movies where a character commits suicide or something to “assist God to take them away faster” and I’ve recognised it in some others.

Now, you might think that this only affects the listener with the vulnerable self esteem. You stand corrected (Or probably sit, since I reckon you’re not standing to read this). If you’re a superhero person like I am, you’ve probably stumbled upon Arrow – the vigilante of Star City – He’s a really good archer as the name suggest, but many a time, he has told others with self-esteem that’s presumably not as high as his, that they’re untrained, lacked focus, and a whole host of saddening things, especially when you’re hearing them from your hero. Now, the reason he can still say this and be “righteous” is he’s been shooting arrows for over five years and still practices everyday. Even though he’s the city’s mayor. (I’m waiting for a reason why you’re not watching Arrow in the comments). Imagine if he’s the kind to sit back and say: “I’m the best, I’m undefeated, yada yada yada.” Someone would’ve come prepared and taken him down like fresh meat in a lion’s den.

Superheroes aside, you might be like Oliver Queen and practice, but if you break someone to get to the top, you just might not be fit to call the shots. The funny thing is, positive compliments aren’t even that hard to say. “We almost got the same, you’re really brilliant!” and done. You’ve saved someone from depression. I dunno who’s self-esteem you’ve demolished or are planning to demolish, but just please, bless everyone around you with positive words and compliments. “That’s a really nice shoe!” can go a really, really long way.

Thanks for reading! Like, Comment, Share, and till we meet again with beautiful screens and text between us.


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  1. I agree with you, being nice and kind can go a long way.
    Also, thanks for your header feedback, I chose another one. Would be easier if I could change the colour of the title but that’s not possible unfortunately.
    And thank you again for the positive words, hope I can inspire always.
    Happy blogging 🙂

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