The Journey

He got up as fast as he could. One would have thought he was running away from a crime, but the wide smile on his face gave something else away. He was taking the journey today. It wasn’t something that he’d expected or even wanted, but a few days ago, a friend came to him and explained all that he’d been missing and all that he could get during and after the journey. He’d decided that morning that he’d give it his best shot. Gathering all that he thought he’d need, he was done before he knew it and out the door he went, to start this journey everyone had been convincing him to go on.

With every step that he took, he was more and more energetic, more and more refreshed and happier than he’d been in a long while. Something about the proposed end of this journey made him so excited he could only walk a few steps without running a little.
A couple hours later, he got robbed. All he had left with him were the clothes on him. He got depressed. He started to worry. He was a long way from home, and a longer way from his destination. He tried to ask for directions from people on the way, but none of them knew where he was going and advised him to find his way back home. Strangers were willing to take him home, but none knew of or wanted to hear about his destination. He’d met with a very noticeable obstacle.
He decided to walk a bit in the direction he last remembered and hoped to see other people headed to his destination too. A few miles later, he met a group of people and decided to follow them since they were the only ones on that road. He’d asked them a couple questions, and it seemed like they were headed his way, so he decided to go with them. They weren’t as enthusiastic as he was, and they stopped almost every few minutes to “enjoy the view”. He wanted to take off without them, but it seemed like they were having fun, so he decided to “have fun too”
The day was almost over and then the leader of the group shouted “Here we are!!!”. He looked up, hoping to find the beautiful, magical place that all his friends had talked about. But lo, it was everything but beautiful. It was a dry barren wasteland. No signs of life was found, there were no trees, neither was there a single source of water. And yet, the group seemed happy. It was like they saw a goldmine where he saw wasteland. Like they saw life where he saw death. He pondered how he seemed to mistake his destination for this hell he’d gotten to. He tried to go back, but he was lost. More lost in fact, than a dog chasing his own tail. Then it’d dawned on him; he’d missed it. He knew his destination, he wanted to get there, but he got lost and walked with the wrong people. And now he had no way to get there. He was stuck in this mess of a place forever.
Do not be like this brother. The journey to heaven is no simple one, but our destination is worth it. This brother got sidetracked and lost it all. Do not get sidetracked, do not lose hope, have faith, and by God’s grace, we’ll get there.


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