Alive or Living?

In case you didn't know, there's actually a really big difference between being alive and living. Which one are you doing? The thing is, most people are alive. The people in the hospitals are alive. The people doing jobs they couldn't care less about are alive. Pretty much everyone you can see and talk to... Continue Reading →


Who’s Better?

Thought I'd express my thoughts on this one, since it's pretty freaking common and makes not a lot of sense. You've probably at one point or the other in your life said or heard someone say that one person or thing is better than another. Let's analyse that simple-ish statement. Shall we? First off, when... Continue Reading →

The Journey

He got up as fast as he could. One would have thought he was running away from a crime, but the wide smile on his face gave something else away. He was taking the journey today. It wasn't something that he'd expected or even wanted, but a few days ago, a friend came to him... Continue Reading →

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