Notably, Ep 02

Howdy! Okay, no, I don't even know who says that. Do people still say that? Do they still say "Howdy?" If you do, or know anyone that does, then howdy! By my calculations, it has been almost two months since the first #Notably episode. That's quite a while. I know, I know, these are supposed... Continue Reading →


Book Review: The Iron Trial (Magisterium #1)

“Fire wants to burn Water wants to flow Air wants to rise Earth wants to bind Chaos wants to devour Cal wants to live” Inhales deeply, takes a sip of coffee, flexes fingers. Okay. So, if you're like me, there's a lot that would interest you about this book's cover. And if the name "Cassandra... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Circe

“How many of us would be granted pardon if our true hearts were known?” Madeline Miller's retelling of the goddess and titan Circe's story is quite endearing. It has that interesting buildup vibe all around it. I could never shake away the feeling that something was about to happen. And many times, something did happen.... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Way of Kings

First and foremost, I wish you a happy new month, and a blissful July. Secondly, I don't think my mind has ever been more ravaged by a book as this book just did. It's currently 3:56 AM, July 2nd at the time of writing, and I just finished this book. And oh, my, God. Oddly... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Artemis

Pretty much everyone has seen The Martian. You know that Matt Damon movie where this dude is left on Mars and has to survive on his own, alone. Keep in mind that he's on another planet, couple hundred thousand kilometers away. And the atmosphere is a tad different from Earth's. So, The Martian. This book,... Continue Reading →

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