Book Review: Firebrand

Okay, I thoroughly expect at least one of you guys to be extremely hyped about this. We have a book review!! Granted, this isn't a regular book review, but it's something. If you haven't taken a look at the cover yet, please do so. I'll give you time. 5... 4... Have you done it? Just... Continue Reading →


Prompt Dos

Me staring at my calendar on the 25th: The prompt is definitely due on the 28th. Me staring at my calendar on the 26th: Totally, definitely 28th. Me staring at my calendar on the 27th: Hold on though, I can literally check when it's due. Me staring at my calendar right now: Holy flipping penguins.... Continue Reading →

Notably, Ep 05

Bonjour! Sometimes I wonder how many distinct #Notably posts I'll have to write before we run out of introductions. I think maybe at the end we'll come up with new introductions in the comments section. Until then. Hey guys. It's been a while. I know. This post has literally been a long time coming. And... Continue Reading →

Notably, Ep 04

Kon'nichiwa! It has been quite a while my friends. August came (and is practically gone) with a total of 0 book reviews, although we did get one prompt in. I'm terribly sorry guys. Much as I tried, there was no way past the exams barrier. But now that that's over with, we can focus on... Continue Reading →

Notably, #Ep03

┬íHola! There probably won't be a very great variation in these greetings. 'Hello' is quite easy to spot in most languages, though I'll probably start with a phrase next time. But, hello! How are you doing? No, honestly, how are you doing? I might not be able to hear you, but you can hear 'you'... Continue Reading →

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